Over the last 12 months we have been asked by clients if we can provide a more encompassing recruitment service. In consultation with those clients we have designed and implemented a bespoke Managed and Outsourced Recruitment Enterprise (MORE) service. Where a client has a known or perceived volume of recruitment and does not have or want to over commit existing manpower to manage the recruitment function we lend a hand and manage all recruitment activity on their behalf. Through our parent company, Perceptive Recruitment, we can source candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and not just ex-military. We can get the workforce balance right.

By providing this level of service we allow our client to focus on their day-to-day operations without the distraction of recruitment. We also reduce the overhead cost that might be associated with the need to hire and train their own recruitment managers and internal resourcers. In addition, we can manage any other recruitment agencies and have the experience to deliver highly effective proactive and reactive recruitment campaigns. We aim to be MORE cost effective than traditional contingent or temp recruitment.

We manage the recruitment process from assignment to interview for both our own sourced candidates and any direct applicants you might have. We benchmark every candidate against set criteria and carry out screening and shortlisting interviews before introducing candidates to you for interview and hire. We can manage the pre-start requirements for references and any other checks that you might require. By offering MORE we can provide a recruitment solution that fits from the shop floor to the boardroom.

We deliver a bespoke recruitment solution that allows us to significantly discount our contingent introduction fees for sourced candidates as well as direct applicants.  This allows us to dedicate an Account Manager and resourcers to your needs as well as a consultative input from our Directors and our learning & development partners. We aim to offer you MORE to drive down your costs, improve recruitment efficiency and provide a true consultative approach to proactively identifying new talent and strengthening your brand.

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