Supporting Veterans

Veterans of our Armed Forces make a superb contribution to society not merely during their active service, but in many walks of life after they have left it. However, even today some veterans face serious challenges after they leave the service, and some can find themselves locked out of the jobs market altogether.

The Government is now acting to honour its manifesto commitment to back our veterans, by scrapping employer National Insurance contributions for a full year for every new employee who has left the Armed Forces.

This cut to National Insurance contributions will incentivise employers to take veterans on; it will boost the pay and opportunities of those who have already given so much to this country, and it will help to unleash the skills and huge potential of our service leavers.

We are seeking the views of businesses and other interested parties so that we can make sure that the design of this policy meets our ambitions. But we are also interested in hearing from employers, software providers and accountants on the practical implementation of this policy, and from civil society groups and others who may have ideas and knowledge relevant
to this important initiative.

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